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IT Consulting

Clients have a specific job to do that is managing the business. If they spend sizeable amount of work time in managing softwares, their businesses will be seriously affected. This is exactly where we help our customers. We manage technology, platforms and frameworks which help our clients save costs and valuable time.

Areas of expertise
• Oracle
• Microsoft
• Salesforece
• Intergraph

Staff augmentation and reduction

There are times when our customers need experts immediately for a smooth journey towards a systematic and glitch-free completion of a project. Then there are times when due to a sharp change in plans they need to off-load staff. We assist our customers in this procedure to ensure an unruffled ramp up and ramp down of people.

Staffing Partner/Tier I Vendor:

Integraph | Oracle | Federal Agency | Lockheed Martin | IBM | Wells Fargo

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