Social Responsibility

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Community Service


part of the population lives below the poverty level. The pandemic left these people struggling for food and shelter. In the state of West Bengal, located in the eastern part of India, eConsultants Inc., we were able to help more than 60 popular artists who found themselves penniless due to COVID-19 in India. The artists include Patachitrashilpis (traditional cloth-based scroll painters), potters and vocalists and he not only helped them financially but also went so far as to organize a free surgery from an artist.

Community Service

Timely help to a tour guide in Southern Europe

Last time Sudhir travelled to a famous south European nation, he and his family befriended a lovely tour guide. Unfortunately, the guide’s country was among the worst hit in Europe in a COVID-19 pandemic world. Tourists disappeared overnight and the entire tourism industry hit the rock bottom. The guide and his family were in deep financial crisis. His health was deteriorating too. One day the man’s situation reached Sudhir’s ears and he, on behalf of eConsultants, immediately extended his support to help him out of the situation with financial backing and arranging proper medical care.

Community Service

eConsultants in the time of dire need

Languages of the world is Sudhir’s one of the major areas of interest. While he was learning Spanish, he came to realize the ground realities of Venezuela. He delved deep about this Latin American country through his Spanish language teacher and a few of his Venezuelan colleagues in his company. He was shocked to know how a section of its population is living devoid of basic necessities of life. Sudhir later, through his colleagues and Spanish language tutor, was introduced to a harrowing situation where three refugee families in Falcon and Aruba were living in subhuman conditions. On behalf of eConsultants Inc., Sudhir arranged for medical attention for the children alongwith helping them purchase groceries and cell phones. He also created a ‘platform’ through which they can have regular income.